Dear A: First snow

Being born on New Year’s eve, you have had the opportunity to see snow.  However, as a newborn, there’s no way you were ready to play in it, and I don’t imagine you remember anything from so early on.  However, the year has passed, and the seasons have cycled yet again (for the first time, for you).  At nearly 11 months old, winter is here again and you’ll get to experience it this time.  

We’re in the midst of a huge snowfall today.  Not a blustery, windy blizzard, but a slow, delicate, steady drifting of snow.  At last count we’ve had 22cm fall, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.  Like the first snowfall of every year, I paused in the window and watched it as it fell for a while, making the view brighter, cleaner.  Of course, you were up at your usual time, and my moment of reflection was short.

You were playing happily in your high chair (and by playing, I mean pushing your breakfast around the tray and making a fantastic mess) when I heard the snow plows come by.  You were safely strapped in and quite content, so I ran outside to hurriedly throw some of the snow off our car and into the laneway for the plow.  (Luckily our parking space faces the kitchen so I could watch you while I swept off the snow.)  I hustled back inside and you were none the wiser, still mucking around with your bananas and cheerios.

Having had to stand in deep snow beside the car, some had gotten stuck in the cuff of my jeans.  I carefully lifted it out and put it on your tray.  You picked it up and your eyes widened, surprised by the sensation of cold.  You explored, closing your hand around it, squishing, rotating your wrist around, and then putting it down to melt into your breakfast.

You will get more opportunities to explore this fluffy white stuff as time goes by, but I loved sharing this first experience with you.

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