I have a very busy baby. She has lots on her daily agenda, including squirming, wriggling, standing, cruising, bouncing, and so on. The change table is no different.

A loves to make changing her diaper a challenge. She tries to roll over. She sits up. She grabs my hair, or pulls wipes from the container, or plants her feet and pushes her body towards the end of the table. I strap her down and it slows her down a bit. I hand her little things to play with, like her hair brush.  The one thing that stops the wiggling for a minute or two, however, is singing Old MacDonald.

I can usually get through 4 or 5 animals before she loses interest and resumes her Cirque du Soleil training. That’s usually plenty of time to deal with a wet diaper.  This also means that I sing the song a lot. At most diaper changes, in fact.  As any parent knows, while repetition is the key to success, it is also they key to going completely bonkers.

Because of this, A will grow up knowing that Old MacDonald has a very diverse farm. He has horses, cows, pigs, and all the usual barnyard friends. He also has tractors (vroom vroom!), crows (squawk squawk!), swimming pools (splish splash), lions (roar roar!), and sometimes even tuna (blub blub!). The cast of extras varies depending on how creative I feel, how awake I am, and how many times I’ve sung that day. I’ve probably screwed her up for song time in kindergarten but at least she’s learning what sounds things make.


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