From baby to toddler in a few easy steps

The holidays were lovely and long, since I had a whopping 3 weeks off work. I felt a bit spoiled by the break, and loved being back home with A.  It’s good to get out and be with adults during the day, but part of me wants to be home to see each and every thing A does and be present for all her milestones.

Now that she’s a year old, A has been working hard to earn the title of toddler. Over the past couple weeks, she’s been trying to stand all by herself. The process usually involves her rocking herself into a crouch. From there, she’ll rock herself forward, trying to use momentum to get her upright.  She doesn’t last long, and can sit herself down, reversing the movement she used to get to standing.  Falls and bumps are thankfully infrequent.

A’s freestanding record so far is a whopping 11 seconds.  She’s trying to stand throughout the day and it’s so exciting to see her trying! Less awesome is the fact that her favourite locations to practice are the change table & the bathtub. My little girl is growing up!  I’m excited at the prospect of her learning to walk, and I’m already eyeing the parts of the house that need advanced babyproofing. That will be this weekend’s plan I suspect.

In other milestone news, A’s also said her first word: dog. She loves pointing at our two dogs & saying “Gog! Gogogogogog.” Between our home & her grandparents’ house she regularly sees 3 different dogs so I’m not surprised.  One of our dogs gives her a wide berth but the other loves showering A with kisses (which make her giggle) and loves getting pats in return (A’s learning to be gentle with the dogs, and loves handing them their toys).

I’m looking forward to seeing what new words she latches onto next.  She’s using baby sign language a little bit, and understands even more, so I wonder whether she’d be inclined to speak words that she can sign, or at least recognize, or whether she’d work to learn words that she can’t already communicate.  This is a fascinating time in her life, for sure.


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