Big kaboom.

It was bound to happen at some point, i suppose. A has been working hard on standing on her own, and she’s able to maintain it for a dozen seconds or so now. Sometimes she gets so excited that she starts to bounce up and down, which usually ends up with her sitting unexpectedly.

A few days ago she stood up next to the coffee table, a common place for her to stand and play with her toys.  She lost her balance and fell down. Unfortunately, on her way down she bumped her head & bit her lip. I panicked – her lip was bloody and I couldn’t tell right away how bad it was. She was upset and crying, understandably.  After a cold wash cloth, i could see the two tiny scrapes on her lip matching her two upper teeth.  The cold cloth seemed to help soothe the pain, and within a few minutes she was back to puttering around as if nothing had happened.

Over the weekend her bottom lip looked particularly rosy due to the scrapes, but they’re completely gone, the whole thing forgotten now.  I felt a flash of guilt when it happened, that I should have been able to keep her from falling, but of course that’s ridiculous.  Kids get bumps and bruises, it’s a part of life, and it wasn’t at all serious.  She’s quite resilient and forgets about these things quickly, which seems like a good character trait.  I suppose we can’t learn to dust ourselves off and move on unless we take a few tumbles first.


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