Catching some zzzz’s

My daughter is a great sleeper.  From about 3 weeks old, she would have been quite content to sleep right through the night.  Both my husband and I counted ourselves extremely lucky!  (“She’s the baby that makes you think that having a second one is a good idea,” we both said.)  With her weight gain issues, we had to wake her up for feedings, which seemed unfortunate.  Even now, at 14 months, we still get her up around 10:30pm for a night feed.  Most nights we can get a bottle into her and tuck her back in without her waking up too much.

During the day, A has been taking 2 naps, one at around 9am and the other around 2pm. She’s been on this schedule for almost 6 months, each of her naps being between 1.5 and 2 hours long.  Over the past few weeks, though, she’s been waking sooner and fussing more before dropping off.  Her morning nap is nudging back to more like 10am, and the afternoon nap is sometimes only a half hour.  Our daycare provider suggested trying one nap, around noon.  She slept yesterday for 2.5 hours, and was pretty tired before her nap, but she seemed fine last night.  Try again today, and see what happens.

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