Kids sign the darndest things

Hubby and I have been using baby sign language with A since she was about 4 months old.  We have friends who have used it with varying levels of success, but it’s something we wanted to try, for a few reasons.  Verbal language is complicated, and it will take some time for A to really be able to verbalize well.  By now she can use several words, but we wanted to give her tools that she could use even earlier to communicate with us.  We wanted to minimize the frustration she might feel in being unable to make herself understood.

At this point, A can make several signs: milk, more, eat, drink, change (as in, her diaper), sleep, bye bye, and fan (because ceiling fans are FASCINATING.).  She’s even invented her own sign for Cheerios, where she rounds her thumb and index finger (like making the letter “o”) and pinches them together. I’ve seen her waving her hands and fingers around sometimes and wondered if she’s invented another sign that I haven’t figured out, or if it’s the sign language version of babble.

Last night, hubby woke A up for her nighttime bottle, as usual.  She woke up a bit more than usual, and I could hear her chattering to him.  As he was settling her back into her crib, he was telling her how much he loves her, to have a good sleep, when she abruptly makes the sign for “sleep”, and then “bye bye.”  Apparently, daddy was talking too much and getting in the way of her sleep!  He came stumbling out of her room, trying desperately not to burst out laughing.

1 thought on “Kids sign the darndest things

  1. Alex Grover

    You mean that’s all I needed to do? Say “Sleep, Bye Bye” as opposed to my usual (very) slow backwards retreat to my bedroom? 🙂


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