A whole new year

I wrote this back in February and never realized that it didn’t post! Here’s a little blast from the past, then, as we’re about to start June.

We’re a month into 2015 already and it’s hard to believe that A is already two years old. She is still announcing it’s her birthday, even though it was the end of December.  Our little bean is officially a toddler.  Nothing shows this more than her favourite new mealtime phrase: I don’t want it.

She had a small birthday party with family, and got spoiled rotten. Her favourite gifts by far is were from Daddy: a keyboard which has a multicoloured disco ball that lights up when it’s on, and an Etch a Sketch-style drawing board.  Another favourite gift is a baby doll.  As a joke, Hubby mimicked the doll saying no when A tried to feed her, to show her how annoying it is when A refuses to eat  Unfortunately, this backfired and now her favourite game with the doll is “baby say no!”

We’re at the stage now where A says some pretty entertaining things. She has some favourite foods, including raisins. One snack time, after me telling A that she had eaten enough raisins, she turned to Hubby and said, “How about Daddy give the raisins?” This was the first time we saw her try this, and we were amused and intrigued by this strategy. (She didn’t get the raisins. 🙂 )

She also came up with this the other day:

Sometimes you drink.
Sometimes you cry.
Sometimes you get down.

It sounded to me like lines from a country song.  The context: she was sitting up on a kitchen chair with her sippy cup. Perhaps she can set it to music with her new keyboard.

Daddy daughter jam session

Daddy daughter jam session


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