Big wheels keep on turnin’

Our little bean is two and a half now. Even though I haven’t posted much, she has changed and grown so much.

A big thing has been figuring out how to jump off of things. She is a bit of a daredevil sometimes, and was inspired by another girl in her gymnastics class. At the end of class, the kids sometimes get to play in a pit full of foam blocks. A girl had her mom help her up onto a big block so she could leap in to the pit. Seeing this, A wanted up on the block but then slid off her bum into the pit. The following week, though, holding one of my hands, she jumped right in! Of course, now she also likes jumping off her stool in the kitchen, too, so it’s a mixed blessing, but it’s wonderful to watch her try new things and learn new skills.

Today was another milestone: her first tricycle!  Hubby managed the “some assembly required” portion of the experience, and then we went outside.  We’re still working on using the pedals, but we’re off to a great start!

Red Tricycle for the win!

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