I’m Robyn P., a 30-something new mom, new wife, dog owner, gardener, reader, geek, and generally crafty person.  I love to cook, which I’m passably good at.  I also love yoga, getting outdoors, music, and trying to find clever new locations for books I really have no shelf space for.

I started this blog for two reasons.  One, as a place to write down and archive things about my family as they happen.  I received a beautiful baby book at my wedding shower, but somehow online seems to be the way I record information.  I look forward to showing these posts to my baby once she’s old enough to enjoy them.

Secondly, it’s a way for me to give back, in my own small way.  There’s a wealth of information on the internet for parents, both new and experienced.  I’ve seen and used lots of great tips, recipes and so on, and am more than happy to share what I’ve found that works for us.  And maybe things that don’t work as well, and why.  Every family is unique, of course, but at least sharing gives an opportunity to try something new.

Read on, enjoy, and have a wonderful day!

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