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Play Time Café

I recently got together with a group of local moms for lunch at the Play Time Café.  Located in Manotick, south of Ottawa, the Café is a quaint little restaurant dedicated to kids as much as adults.  The decor is cheerful, there are oodles of chairs in all sizes, and there’s a gated play area with a variety of toys for kids of all ages.

I was the last to arrive, and a bit late.  The other mommas and their babies were already enjoying lunch at the seating area closest to the door.  It was nice to have a cozy spot to ourselves with all the gorgeous sunlight pouring in.  One of the staff (I didn’t get anyone’s names, sadly) came over right away to greet me.  The menu is posted next to the cash, where people usually order.   Seeing my hands were full with A, she reeled off the day’s lunch options and took my order right at the table.

I plopped A into one of their high chairs & set her up with something to eat.  (The Café has a fantastic-looking children’s menu that is a little bit beyond A and her two teeny teeth.)  My latté came right away, and my ham, pear and brie sandwich was close behind.  The sandwich was absolutely delicious.  The latté was perfect. The staff supplied us with a jug of water, and were quick to fix it when we couldn’t get it to work.  When A started getting fidgety, they were happy to let me snag the activity table from the play area so A could keep herself busy within eyesight of Mommy.

All in all, the food was of excellent quality, the staff were friendly and very accommodating, and the price was quite reasonable.  I had a lovely time at the Play Time Café, and will definitely be going back.

(Disclosure: Nobody paid me for this review.  I’m getting nothing out of it other than sharing a great experience.)