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Dear A: Your First Christmas

Dear A,

Merry Christmas, little bean.  I’ve been extra excited about Christmas this year, and it’s all because of you.  Our tree went up weeks ago, with the breakable ornaments high out of your reach.  You do like to look at it,  but so far you haven’t been interested in touching it.  Lots of gifts were tucked under the tree, mostly for you, and Daddy and I couldn’t wait to watch you tear them open.

You had a great time on Saturday at your aunt and uncle’s for an early Christmas dinner, and the best part about your gifts was the tissue paper.  You do have a hard time resisting things that crinkle and rustle.

Two cousins enjoying an early Xmas

Two cousins enjoying an early Xmas

Earlier the same day, we got together with some friends and made Christmas ornaments.  The idea was to put white paint on your hand and then have you grasp a ball-style ornament, and then add glitter and so on to make the fingers look like snowmen.  Yours came out a bit more… avant-garde than intended, but it’s special nonetheless because it’s yours.  It’ll be on the tree every year, you can bet.

Paint, meet ornament

Paint, meet ornament

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out to grandma & grandpa’s last night for Christmas dinner and gifts.  Late the night before (Christmas eve eve?), I woke up to the sound of you being sick.  My poor little girl!  You managed to pick up a stomach bug somewhere, and while you took it in stride, I was worried we’d have to skip out on festivities, to avoid giving your bug to everyone else.  We took you to the doctor yesterday, who confirmed it was a run-of-the-mill virus, and that you’d be fine in a few days.  We stayed in and gave you loads of extra cuddles and attention, and Mommy and Daddy ordered in Chinese food and took it easy.

This morning you were a lot more sedate than usual, and way more cuddly as well.  We snuggled and read some books, and you had some milk and water and a couple Cheerios. You also sat still on my lap with your head on my shoulder for a good 10 minutes this evening, which is the longest snuggle you’ve had since you were mobile enough to push away.  Your sense of independence and adventure will be back soon, no doubt.

We stayed home today as well, opening presents through the day.  You napped lots, but were mostly in good spirits.  We may have missed the big extended family get-together, but Daddy and I loved having you all to ourselves.  You got lots of lovely gifts, and especially loved a talking book from Daddy, as well as any dangly tags.  We loved spoiling you rotten, as did everyone else, because you’re the most amazing little girl.

Merry Christmas, little bean.  It has been an incredible year, and my life is so much richer for having you in it.  I feel blessed to know you, to love you, to watch you grow and learn and become our sweet little girl.  We love you to pieces.

Merry Christmas baby!

Merry Christmas baby!

First visit with Santa

My daughter is in child care through the week while I’m at my shiny new job.  One day per week, my parents take A and she gets to spend the day with them.  I love that she gets a special day with her grandparents, and that they get to develop a strong relationship with her.

On Grandparent Day this week, they took her to the mall to see Santa.  Now, A is pretty shy around strangers, especially those that want to pick her up.  Most of the time, she’ll cry.  I was a bit apprehensive about how this would play out, because putting her on the knee of a stranger seemed like a recipe for waterworks.

They took A to the mall in the afternoon, with a tummy full of lunch & having had a good morning nap.  They waited in line for a half an hour, and pointed out to me afterwards that despite other kids in line who were crying, A stayed calm and in a good mood.

Finally, she got her turn with The Big Guy.  Santa must really have a way with the wee ones, because not only did she not cry, she seems pretty happy in her photo.  I was half-expecting to get one of those red-faced, tear-streaked sorts of Santa photos.  You know, the ones that everyone gets a good chuckle out of, in later years.

Santa photo 2013Nope, as far as Santa photos go, A’s is great!