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New Years will never be the same

When i found out i was pregnant, a short three weeks after conception, I was ecstatic. Once I visited my doctor, she calculated my due date: December 24th. A Christmas baby! I thought a baby on an already special day would make that day even better. It didn’t take long for people to start telling me how much she would hate having a Christmas birthday, and how she’d get shorted on gifts. I pointed out that she’d come when she was ready, whenever that would be.  If she wanted to be born on Christmas eve she would, and she could deal with the consequences as she got older.  (And I had no intention of lumping her birthday in with Christmas, how unfair!)

The first ultrasound showed that she was likely about 6 days younger than the first estimate, pegging her due date at the 30th. Because the difference was less than a week, the official due date was left as the 24th, & this was what we shared with those who were interested. My pregnancy was about as easy as one could be.  I had no morning sickness, no major complications, and while the impaired glucose tolerance made my food planning a challenge (especially being diagnosed days before Halloween), I was diligent enough that I never had to take insulin.

By the beginning of December, I was more than ready for her to arrive.  I was both anxious to meet this tiny little person we’d created, and tired of being uncomfortable & waddling like a hippo.  I had borrowed a winter coat to get me through the December cold, but at the end, I couldn’t button it up anymore – I had to use a hair elastic looped through the button hole to give me some extra reach.  I felt done with being pregnant.

At around 10:30pm on December 30th, i went into labour.  Hubby rushed home from work, we went to the hospital, & at 10:47am the next morning, Baby G was born.  We had a holiday baby after all, and it was an incredible way to ring in the new year.

One day old

Our baby girl, on her birthday. Just in time to ring in the new year.

(note: we call our daughter Baby G as an occasional nickname, because that’s what they called her on the hospital bracelet.  We think it’s cute, we’ll see what she thinks about it when she’s older!)