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Forget it, cupcake

We went out to visit friends this past Monday and had a great time.  Dinner was great, we exchanged a few presents, and A even let herself be held by someone other than her parents.

Trish, our hostess, makes fabulous cakes and cupcakes. (You can find her work here).  She passed along a few mini cupcakes to us so we could celebrate A’s birthday with some yummy homemade goodies.

After lunch, I decided to see what A thought of her cupcakes, and put one out for her.  She considered it for a moment, and then started crying.  I immediately removed it (What else could I do?  I ate it.) and she calmed down.  Kids have weird things that set them off, and cupcakes are apparently one of A’s.

A and the offending cupcake

A and the offending cupcake