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First visit with Santa

My daughter is in child care through the week while I’m at my shiny new job.  One day per week, my parents take A and she gets to spend the day with them.  I love that she gets a special day with her grandparents, and that they get to develop a strong relationship with her.

On Grandparent Day this week, they took her to the mall to see Santa.  Now, A is pretty shy around strangers, especially those that want to pick her up.  Most of the time, she’ll cry.  I was a bit apprehensive about how this would play out, because putting her on the knee of a stranger seemed like a recipe for waterworks.

They took A to the mall in the afternoon, with a tummy full of lunch & having had a good morning nap.  They waited in line for a half an hour, and pointed out to me afterwards that despite other kids in line who were crying, A stayed calm and in a good mood.

Finally, she got her turn with The Big Guy.  Santa must really have a way with the wee ones, because not only did she not cry, she seems pretty happy in her photo.  I was half-expecting to get one of those red-faced, tear-streaked sorts of Santa photos.  You know, the ones that everyone gets a good chuckle out of, in later years.

Santa photo 2013Nope, as far as Santa photos go, A’s is great!