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Self-feeding and reusable pouches

All throughout A’s life, feeding has been a bit of a struggle. We had a tough time getting a good latch when she was a newborn. A lactation consultant recommended a nipple shield, which worked wonders for us. Eventually she got better at nursing and didn’t need it anymore, and it was nice to simplify breastfeeding a bit.

Once we started solid food, we had a whole other set of challenges.  We had to find the right spoon.  She’d only eat her cereal if it was slightly warmed. Some days she didn’t want it at all. We slowly introduced vegetables and fruit, and she definitely has her favourites.  I’ve tried finger foods with mixed results. I’ve cooked a few recipes online that get gobbled up one day and shunned the next. It seems that A is consistently inconsistent.

One thing hubby and I noticed recently is that A is more interested in the spoon. She grabs at it, pulls the contents off, smears her food all over. She doesn’t seem interested in using the spoon to eat, though. She loves to feed herself (when it’s a food she likes that day), and is a big fan of cereal O’s and the like.

We had an epiphany when grandma was telling us about a day they had spent together. She had given A one of those pouch-style store-bought baby purees, and A had grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth and eaten most of the contents. I went online that night and ordered a set of refillable baby food pouches from squooshi.com.

Once the pouches arrived we gave them a wash & tried one out. We filled it with a favourite puree, and after a few moments, she figured out where dinner was and chowed down. Success!

Like always, she has remained inconsistent. If she’s in a mood to eat, she’ll make quick work of the puree. If she’s not then it becomes an exciting projectile. At least it makes less of a mess than an open container or a bowl.

The pouches are easy to fill and straightforward to use. Their website has recipes that I’m looking forward to trying. We didn’t buy the filling station but filling the pouches by spoon or pouring usually works quite well.  They’re also pretty cute, with cartoon penguins, pandas, walruses, and monkeys printed on them.

It’s great to have the pouches in our food arsenal, and on days where A is exerting her independence, they are a fun and cute way to get her to eat.

What methods/tricks have you used to get your little ones to eat?


Mmm, lunch! Also, pointing is cool.

Disclaimer: We bought these ourselves & weren’t influenced by anyone.  Except maybe the penguin, he’s pretty persuasive.