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Dear A: our busy week

We had a wonderful, full  week, my sweet little baby.  We went to the university’s language lab to take part in a study on infant language acquisition.  It was neat, you seemed to have fun, and I’ll be curious to find out what the study’s results were. (Mommy’s a bit of a language nerd, you see.)

We had a quick visit with auntie Dani this week and we did a little Christmas shopping with her, but it was a short trip to the mall because you were determined to be unhappy unless you were being snuggled.  You slept like nobody’s business though and I even had to wake you up to feed you dinner.

We had a great swimming lesson this week as well.  You are starting to get used to splashing water, though you still haven’t figured out blowing bubbles yet.  All in good time.  You’re an enthusiastic kicker in the water now as well.

We also got together with some mommy friends and their babies, and went to the library for infant story time.  It took you a while to get used to the big crowd, but once you settled down you had a great time crawling around, exploring, and putting your fingers in the other babies’ mouths.  Things like this make me think you’ve skipped the “parallel play” stage.  You stare at other people, especially babies, and love reaching out to touch them and give them great big smiles (most of the time).

You’ve also mastered giving high fives, and this week you’ve also mastered clapping.  You do it all the time and it’s absurdly cute.  Mommy’s starting to feel like a bit of a rock star, with all the applause following her around!

I think our busy week caught up to you, though.  You were fussy last night and had a bit of a runny nose.  You woke up twice through the night, stuffed up and wanting to snuggle and nurse.  This morning you’ve got a full-on cold, with a very runny nose and an occasional cough.  No fever at all, which is good, but also no appetite.  You’re being a trooper so far, despite the reindeer-red nose and being constantly wiped down.  Let’s hope this is a short one and you fight it off quickly.

I love you, little bean