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Dear A: 19 months old and completely awesome.

Hello, my dear! I haven’t written anything in a while and that’s a shame, since so much has been happening.

Any time there’s good weather your daycare provider takes you out to the park for an hour or so. You enjoy the swings and the slides, but your favourite is digging in the sand. You love to make sand castles and dig and put handfuls of sand on the play structure. You even say “sand castle” when you see your park toys.

You’ve been having a great time at gymnastics. The trampoline is still your favourite area, and you can jump with both your feet and keep your balance like a pro. This week you walked along a short balance beam, holding my fingers for reassurance more than support. You get along well with your only classmate, Max. You love to hand him a ball you are playing with, and say his name. A few weeks ago, as we were getting ready to go, he leaned in with puckered lips and so you did the same. We never expected you’d have your first kiss so young! It was absolutely adorable.

You seem to have overcome your fear of strange adults. You are still shy at first, but if Daddy or I interact with them, you will eventually warm up to them too. You love other children, and have been getting to meet the kids of Daddy’s and my friends. You remember their names, and can pick out who they are in photos, too. I’m pretty impressed by your memory.

You can also remember a ton of words. You’re stringing together 3 or 4 words now, and still continue to use the signs with spoken words. You’ve got a huge vocabulary, and pick up new words pretty effortlessly.  You love to repeat what Daddy and I say, too, and you’ve picked up some expressions, like “Awesome!”  It’s a treat hearing you testing out your new words.

Meals are still a bit challenging, though we’ve figured out some strategies to get you to try what’s on your plate. You’ll try almost anything once, but will have nothing to do with tomatoes. You’ve also decided that, instead of eating only green vegetables, you would rather eat veggies of any other colour instead. You have also realized that your sippy cup straw makes a great pea catapult. Our dog Phoebe loves this discovery as much as you do.

You’re growing, too, and you are getting to be such a big girl. We’re lucky that you’re starting to wear a new size of clothes right at the edge of a new season.  You are still quite petite for your age, but you’re so healthy and strong and agile and clever that Daddy and I have stopped worrying about your size and embrace the fact that you must just be meant to be small.  You are fabulous just as you are.

Building Sandcastles

Building Sandcastles